Tuesday, 12 March 2013

QUESTION : I am not happy with my weight

I am 23 years of age. I imagine I am disgustingly thin. It’s extremely hard to hit upon clothes that fit my shape let alone appear nice. I make efforts to eat healthy and sound but because I do shift work, sometimes I find it very tasking to keep to the routine. My doctor says that I am ok and physically fit, but I’m miserable and unhappy.


Oh dear, you are definitely obsessed about weight. I would be more concerned if the doctor says that your weight is unhealthy. What it means is that you may have underlying personal issues that may not be tied down to just weight. Your shift work which you blame for not eating well may probably not be your problem. Try to search your mind to know exactly what bothers you. How is your social life? Is it in any way affected due to your petite size? You definitely need to do a more thorough work. Contacting a psychologist or a counselor might be a good idea.

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