Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Question : My ex boyfriend is unwilling to leave me alone

My ex boyfriend is unwilling to leave me alone. We separated after about a year of relationships because then I began feeling less love for him. I explained to him that I no longer feel attracted to him. After a month of the break of the relationship, he still phones me to ask for the reason. I have some of my properties in his house but I would rather not face the trouble of having them back. What will I do to stop him from harassing me?


Did you tell him why, when you break up with him? If not, I think it is the right time for you to do it. Put it into writings but remember to be polite. Tell him that you appreciate the 1 year that you have spent together but that at this point you are not ready yet for a commitment and that you want to have private time to really think about your life and want you want to do and be. Try not to promise him to be just friends at the moment because things may escalate. Send him your good wishes. Forfeiting those things you have in his house will be a good idea.

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