Tuesday, 12 March 2013

QUESTION : I am 25 years of age and my newly married husband is 50 years.

Both of us are getting married for the second time. His family and friends are envious that he is married to a younger woman and talk about his ex-girlfriends before me, trying to insinuate a fight. My husband says that they are only chitchat, but it upsets me since I love him.


My dear, you’ve got to handle the situation bravely. It is none of their business if you both have decided to get married irrespective of the age gap. What matters is that there is genuine love between you both. Do not give them room to fight. Ignore them and what they do or say. Concentrate on your husband and what you both want for yourself. Pretend not to be affected by what they say and when they notice that you seem no perturbed and moved by their statements, they will quit it. If you have a sympathetic and understanding woman outside the family, it might help to confide in her. Endeavor not to engage into quarrel or argument with your husband as a result of what they say. They will be happy to see that. What more do they want if not to get you both separated!

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