Thursday, 28 February 2013

QUESTION: I met a guy and we started dating.

I met a guy and we started dating. It was unknown to me that he is already married with two children when we started dating. It was not long he told me but guess how I felt, very distraught, but he said that he and his wife rarely have sexual fun or have any discussion. That was why he looked for love outside. What shall I do at this point?

What you do is up to you. I think that your friend is unfair both to you and his wife. If he is not talking with the wife or having sex with her, the first thing he would have done is sort out what the problem was with her. And if he thinks he could no longer cope, he could go for a divorce and make his relationship with you open. Well on your own part you entered into the relationship without knowing that he is married. Now, you have known, it is best to proceed with caution. It is going to be painful to call it a quit but take care that he don’t in future leave you secretly for another woman just like he did to his wife.

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