Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Question : I have been in friendship with my present best friend for four years now.

 She was so good and a very helpful when I had a problem. Everybody deserted me but she stood by my side all through the hard times. Presently, I have gotten a good job and am at the same time studying in the college some distance from her. When I inquired if she desires to pay me a visit or come down to live with me, she didn’t show any interest. I think that I am progressing while she isn’t. What possibly can I do to get her to change her mind and come with me?

Your friend is very good. She probably rendered you help without strings attached. She just has a good heart and not many like her could be found. You must be worried that she refused to move with you. Well, she has her own life to live as well. All you could do is to maintain contact with her. You can either email, phone or write her through snail mail on a regular basis. Let her know how grateful you are for the help she rendered to you and show her that you care. Remember to keep contact with her especially during her birthdays and other special days like Christmas. She may finally decide to join you. If she doesn’t, take it as facts of life and if you meet somewhere in future, it would be nice to share happy memory together. Who knows, your friendship then will become much deeper and sweeter.

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