Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Question : My boyfriend was diagnosed with depression.

My boyfriend was diagnosed with depression. When we are on our own, he is lovely but in the midst of his friends he usually ignores me. If I grumble, they take his side. He doesn’t seem to notice how offended I get and doesn’t secure our relationship. Some of his friends said that they don’t see our relationship lasting and enduring. I am worried that their remarks could annihilate what we have labored to put together.


Clinical depression puts an unwarranted social shame on those who suffer from it. It looks like your friend is worried about his friends’ disapproval if he displays any emotion, passion or dependency, together with affection for you. Try to talk to him when you both are alone and in a calm tone. Tell him how proud you are of the relationship and how you love to be with him. Also let him know you’d like to show off your intimacy and united pride about the relationship to others especially in the presence of his friends. Try to boost his confidence and let him know that even though he has been diagnosed with depression, it does not mean that he should feel shame or embarrassed about the relationship.

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