Thursday, 28 February 2013

I met a guy last year after splitting from my partner. Incidentally, he too got separated from his partner. I made a vow not to give in to feelings this time again but now poor me I am falling into the snare again. I fall for his sweet smile and great body. I keep struggling with my emotions and saying to myself, “Oh girl we are just friends” Not sure I actually know what I want, Ma, please I need your help!

As a woman you need to think twice before entering into a relationship ‘just for sex’. What this means is that you don’t have a long-standing plans to be together, you don’t go out jointly in public, and that you are giving him room to fall in love with another woman. Your emotions can burn fervently and in fact go wild irrespective of the decision not to let it happen. That’s definitely what is happening to you. There is no harm at this point to make the intention of making the relationship become more long lasting and intimate by asking him out sometimes instead of just sticking to the bedroom if you feel the need. Try some outdoor entertainments together but if he resents to those, you’d better call in a quit; he may be using you just as a sex machine. 

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