Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I began seeing a chap and have never felt so bodily and emotionally associated to any person. Conversely, he said he only treasured me as a friend but was beyond doubt in love with his girl friend before me. Because of this he left me and when I got in contact with him a week after, he said that he stumbled upon his ex girl friend that same day he left me and declared his love, but his ex girl friend only wanted to relate with him as a friend. At present, what am I supposed to do? Shall I to agree to have him back in my life? I’m still deeply in love with him.


It is a difficult scenario here. You are in love with someone who doesn’t love you as much. He is in love with somebody who doesn’t want to love him as much. Just be cautious and play safely. His ex- just want to remain friend with him but it may happen that that change later to his favor which would mean that he will drop you off again. It could also happen that on the long run he may fall deeply in love with you, so how can you be sure! The wisest thing is to play safe and cautious to avoid a bigger emotional wound later.


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